I was so honored to be at your performances. Your singing is wonderful, your testImony is a blessing to all and the impact to each heart is inspiring! The connection that God showed me between all that was present was pure joy!  I am so proud of you for sharing your gifts. God has to be smiIing!!
   Love,  Debbie Brown
         Debbie Brown
                Ridgecrest, CA  
             WENATCHEE, WA  
       North Hill Cafe
      Edgewood, WA
Jeannie McPherson gave an afternoon music ministry performance for the Women's Ministry group at Wenatchee SDA church. Her testimony and rich gentle voice was timely and relevant for the issues of todays busy mothers, wives and professionals. All who attended were truly blessed. Jeannie shares how God has helped her in her life. Her original pieces are a reflection of the care and joy she has in serving God. Her lyrics are beautifully crafted and tell of a heart truly wanting to share the joy of knowing Jesus. With a beautiful voice and heartfelt ministry, Jeannie McPherson encourages and uplifts others. ~~~
On a personal note, when I hear your music it is so soothing. It is like having a breath of fresh air in a very busy life. I was blessed to hear your stories of triumph over challenges. I could relate to that. Life is never easy. Your music and lyrics were encouraging and sometimes challenging. God has given you a great gift. I pray that you will continue to write and sing to bless others ~~Wendy Witas
Huntsville, Alabama