Want a rich resource of free vocal information and advice that you can trust from a pro with over 30 years of success in the music business? Here's Judy Rodman's site for "Power, Path & Performance" vocal training, recording production, songwriting and more. Also contains her blog "All Things Vocal".
I connected with Judy Rodman for vocal training when I was first out in Nashville working on music, and have had the wonderful opportunity to work with her from time to time when in the area.  Judy has been a great teacher and coach, encouraging and teaching me to vocally be the best I can be! Thanks Judy!!!
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Recording Studio for Songwriters and aspiring Artists with the latest 
State-of-the-Art Digital equipment. An Award Winning web page with a wealth of free information and advice for Songwriters and Vocalists trying to break into the Music Industry presented in a very “down to earth” and straight-forward way.
I have had the privilege and blessing of working with Gerry Peters of Midi Magic Studio over the past 9 years in music—producing a CD, along with many other songs through the years, and recently have produced my second CD project with Gerry.  What a great guy to work with from the first time I met Gerry-- in amazing talent, professionalism and incredible ease that has taken my music to the heights of my desires!  Always encouraging and offering a wealth of wisdom and advice, I’m thankful for the great experience and friendship in knowing Gerry—Thank you Gerry!!! ~Jeannie