Each of us has a story. Our story. From cover to cover are pages containing each and every            detail of our lives.  Each page, each word, each thought, each illustration is precious, simply because it is ours.  Who knows our story?  Maybe many people, maybe no one at all.  God 
certainly knows it, yet besides God, I believe the most important person to know my story is

My story is the redemptive touch of God on my life, heart, and on the relationships with the people that surround me. 

I was born March 3, 1964.  My parents, three siblings and I
spent the majority of my childhood in Northern Minnesota
on a spacious,160 acre farm.  My dad was very musically 
talented and active in our home, church, and abroad. 
He and his neighborhood musician friend spent many 
evenings and weekends singing together their guitars 
echoing their agreement for their passion for music.  
They wrote songs together, and along with their oldest 
daughters and a speaker/evangelist, went from church to
church sharing their love for God through music and from
the Word. 

At a very young age, I seemed to identify with the language of music,taking in and soaking 
up it’s message and interpretation.  Also at a young age, my oldest sister taught me songs and hymns with all their many verses.  She then propped me up in front of the church where 
I would sing for the service. Tucked also in my treasured memories is the experience of my 
dad teaching me to play the ukulele.  This opened up a whole world of personal expression 
and creativity for me.

A few years down the road my life changed dramatically after being sexually molested, with 
the further complication of my parents and family not knowing anything about these
occurrences.  I alone carried messages of shame and worthlessness all tangled up inside my heart.  It’s as if someone pushed the stop button of my heart, fading away the picture and silencing the music, with no chance of motion or progression. I acquired a flavor of fear,
 mistrust and shame that I did not have prior to these experiences.

At the age of twelve, my family moved to the Northwest.  I was on new territory, and I consciously decided that I was not going to be that sad, little girl back there.  I rolled up my sleeves and began building an exterior around my heart intended to hold me up.  I began to
look, behave, and talk in such a way that would make me acceptable to other people, and 
make me feel better about myself as well. I stayed away from pain and other hurting people, taking on a positive outlook that I clung to tightly.   But, try as I might, I could not shake the fear, mistrust, or shame, and I could not awaken my heart and it’s dreams. 

Music was my comfort-- other people’s music.  I loved the message and promise of gospel music, but was also drawn to Pop music because of the honesty of thoughts and feelings portrayed in those songs.  I wanted desperately to be real and to be me, but didn’t know how.

I was part of a Christian high school singing group, would sing for church and lead out in 
song services (as long as someone was singing beside me), yet my fear and self- trepidation always seemed to rob me of joy and power.  It was all so frustrating.

God, in His love and care brought people into my life to genuinely love me as He began   melting away that hard, protective surface.  I married and moved to the high desert in 
Southern California.  Here, God would take me by the hand and heart and lead me back to
those painful places and realities for the purpose of healing and for the restoring of my life 
that is so precious in His sight!

It was in this place and time that He began to awaken and call forth those long lost dreams, 
and my forgotten spirit.  In my heart He began to unfold His personal, and deliberate plans 
for me.  Through His whisper to my heart and through scripture, He flooded me with 
promises of restoration for my heart and life.  

I began to ask questions.  Who am I? Who are You?  What do you want to do with my life?  It was here I began giving to Him my life and heart, my marriage, parenting, and the relationships with the people in my life, and all else.  All these got placed in His lap--for His glory!

As He began bringing me up and out of the past, while bringing healing and growth into my life and relationships, I knew He could do anything!  I began writing music out of this precious relationship and experience between me and God.  Growing steadily in my heart came the overflowing desire to share Him, His love and power, and what He’s done for me with those around me  through my songs and in daily interaction.  In my heart is the incredible passion for a wonderful God who calls me by name, brings me to His side, and takes my past, present and future and not only makes it right-- but also beautiful.  What a God! 

“What in my life has sin rearranged, that’s REDEEMABLE, 
                                                                           that’s REDEEMABLE?…..
        “…I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10 NIV